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Anonymous said: How does one become so hip?

By doing things you like and not caring what other people think.

Aug 17, 2014

Anonymous said: Beef or Pork?

Elk, Turkey and Bison! Don’t like pork too much!


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House Riihi, Alajärvi, Finland by OOPEAA | via

The building is located in Alajärvi, a small village in eastern Ostrobothnia in Finland, in a valley-like area next to a small island of forest on the side of a farm field.

It was commissioned by a family of an entrepreneur father, an artist mother and two sons, who needed a house with spaces to live in accompanied with spaces for their hobbies and a studio to serve as an atelier.

The house blends in with the surrounding landscape through its shape and materials. The composition subtly recalls the feeling of a traditional Finnish farm, in which wooden cottages were arranged so as to form a protected inner courtyard with the buildings facing the courtyard. In this case, the three buildings, the house, the atelier and the garage, give shape to an intimate garden, creating an optimal microclimate around the house by minimizing the impact of the northerly winds blowing in the valley.

Photography: Jussi Tiainen

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